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Originally Posted by cooker View Post
Sounds like you live pretty car-light. I don' t know why everybody always seems to want to focus the discussion on your use of the car instead of your non-use - it's like some kind of car-protective instinct seems to kick in.

I think it would be great to follow up on your comments about what improvements in bike facilities you'd like to see.

Also do you see any changes in your car use when the kids go off to University or work?
I think there should be regulations that every new office building should contain at least two showers, so even long distance commuters have the possibility of freshening up.
I have a shower in my current office, which i'm thankful for.
And I have ample amount of bike parking in the garage as well with proper hooks to secure my bike with a lock. That should be mandatory as well for new buildings in general.
Before that, I simply used to take my bike into the office.
And as I mentioned above, bike path in combination with the rights cyclists have like it is in Copenhagen would be awesome.
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