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OP, have you recently switched to wider tires? I have some 28 mm GP 4000 tires that have been blowing out tubes left and right, on different sets of rims, generally at night when I'm not even on the bike. Usually, the hole develops on the inside of the tube next to the rim strip. At first I assumed it was a bad rim strip, but I've ruled that out.

The last hole was actually a split in the inner tube's inside seam. I suck my finger in it, and the tube easily tore open a 4 inch long gash along the seam. An inner tube should not tear so easily, IMO.

For myself, I see two possibilities, either the bulk Chinese inner tubes I bought are defective, or, a a GP 4000 tire is just too wide for the 23-25 mm tubes I have been using, and is stretching them out and causing them to burst. Ordered some wider tubes last night, hopefully this helps.
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