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Originally Posted by Mr IGH View Post
Opps, sorry for the triggering! In any case the idea that a weaker-sex, significant other doesn't want the stronger-sex types to accommodate their lesser physical abilities is interesting. I'm a door-holding, chair pulling kinda guy and I always get compliments from from the women I date, "So refreshing to be with a gentleman." is a typical comment. I wouldn't captain a tandem any other way and it works very well. Perhaps some of the new-age metro-types could do a little learning instead of blindly following the dogma....

As for crank length, longer cranks require faster foot speed compared to a shorter cranks for a given rpm and that does help the cadence mis-match. Crank length calculations that resolve optimum crank length using only the rider's physical parameters are silly.
Get over yourself, you're derailing a legitimate discussion with your completely bizarre argument that how a person rides a tandem somehow equates to chivalry.

*looks at some users post history*

Oh nevermind. Welcome to the ignore list.
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