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Originally Posted by Ghazmh View Post
I've heard it claimed on a bicycle podcast that cross and gravel bikes have approx 80% overlap. As already pointed out in this thread gravel bikes are more likely to have rack and fender mounts.

This is really dependent on the specific bike you're talking about. As noted above, this is really a continuum. A traditional Belgian style cross bike is designed for 1 hour all out efforts on twisty courses where the bike needs to be picked up frequently. In contrast, a "traditional" gravel bike is designed for lower effort endurance riding on long straight roads while carrying all the crap you need to ride all day. In that respect, the needs of the bike and the resulting design of the bikes could not be more different. My gravel bike has basically the geometry of a hard tail mountain bike from the 80s with drop bars, tons of room and mounts for bags, a heavy duty steel frame and 2 inch tires. Compare that to something like the Canyon Inflite (which is 17 lbs, extremely racy, stiff as a bridge truss and has 33mm tires) and they could not be more different.

The issue is that manufacturers started blurring these lines a few years ago, making cross bikes less racy and gravel bikes more racy. Now it really all labeling. I generally ignore the "cross" vs. "gravel" label at this point and just focus on the specifics of the bike.

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