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Originally Posted by 124Spider View Post
To clarify, this is not about a power struggle between captain and stoker (as I'm pretty sure I made clear earlier). It's about how best to deal with significant physical differences causing problems.

If I could painlessly (and effectively) pedal uphill at 75 rpm, and get us there, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Likewise, if my wife could pedal at 95 rpm, and put down power, she'd be happy to do it. We're not fighting; we're trying to solve a systemic problem!
Your problem is that you think there is a problem. Yeesh, look at this thread. I've rarely seen this level of hostility on the tandem forum. How did I manage to miss the fun for so long? But that's what happens when well meant individuals collectively try to make sense out of a non-issue. 1/3 power ... you know what they say about tandems? First thing me and mine did when we moved here was join a tandem club. ~50 teams, and rides every week between June and September. Over time we got friendly with three other teams and started to socialize independently of the main club. At the present time (4 yrs later) me and mine are the only team of the four still riding twogether. We haven't kept up with the greater club in 8 years but have heard that it is on hard times and may dissolve. Tandems aren't for every couple. They aren't even for most couples. It's not for me to say whether or not a tandem is the bike you and yours should be putting all this effort into learning to ride effectively but I can suggest that it does not bode well when either rider starts to question the power output of the other. Even after more than a decade of near daily riding I couldn't tell you exactly how much power my Stoker does or does not contribute. The difficulty experienced in climbing has not one whit to do with *power*. I'm pretty sure that has been told to you. If you used the exact same technique in climbing on your single as you must do when climbing on a tandem, the amount of time it takes to get to the top would be about the same. In addition, there are the undeniable intrinsics of being the Captain of a bicycle that masses many, many times what your single bike does. But none of that really matters. Me and mine tandem because we must. The other three teams we got friendly with, they could still ride single bikes separately. So can you two.
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