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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
You can't have that system on a tandem with traditional geometry, because the cranks or feet would bump into each other. The Counterpoint design works, and my wife and I tried one. The captain is in the back and sits upright. The stoker is in front and is recumbent. Because the cranks are so far apart, they can go at different rates. The stoker's crank is attached to the drivetrain with a five-speed freewheel which provides more than enough difference from the captain's cadence. The stoker can also coast while the captain pedals.
I think you have misread the other poster. Of course you can have IPS or ICS on 'traditional geometry' tandems. No foot bumping of any kind. IPS is exactly what all DaVinci tandems have, and when the IPS is offered as an option on other tandems. But there is no free lunch. On an IPS tandem the 'slower' cadence will not provide a proportionately reduced level of power to the drivetrain. The slower cadence will provide ZERO power to the drivetrain. But IPS sure is popular.
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