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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
Well, let me rephrase it so you can't argue what should be a simple concept by obfuscation.

I have never heard a reasonable person suggest that weight does not matter in broad general terms without defining just what it is they are discussing. Reasonable people define parameters because they know context matters if they actually are interested in answers.

And to add to the reasoning that context matters: As I already indicated, If you are riding 2kms weight will not matter in regard to fuel requirements as you will not deplete your stored glycogen stores and thus, require no additional fuel. Most reasonably fit humans have a constant fuel reserve such that riding a short distance on a heavy or light bike will not unduly effect them. If however, you ride 200kms, you will deplete those glycogen stores, more so on a heavy bike, and will need to adjust accordingly.

Until you define what you are doing on the bike how can anyone intelligently discuss whether fuel considerations matter or not.
the forum has a search feature top right corner. If you wish to see/read/hear what
people use to quantify their "weight doesn't matter arguments"
I really don't care what the opinions are.

I side with Physics on the matter. It takes more energy to move more weight, all else being equal.
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