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It sounds to me like the solution is a very stiff tandem with the timing chain running between say a 36 in front and a 48 in back. Very stiff because the forces will be changing from in sync to opposed and back. A flexible frame will change feel through every cycle, one "cycle" being 12 pedal strokes for the captain in the above example.. (The Counterpoint tandems with the reclined stoker in front of many years ago would work very well here.) I've seen tandems where the stoker has their own derailleur so this is not a new concept.

I am not a tandem rider, just an engineer and long time bike rider who has been fascinated by them as machines. And I " get" some to the tandem issues as I have ridden road fix gears many, many miles. I like to joke with the tandems at Cycle Oregon that I am a captain from the waist up, stoker from the waist down and my bike is a tandem front and stoker drive train. (And the stoker frequently curses the captain for his complete refusal to change gears or coast!)

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