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Originally Posted by jethro00 View Post
Is this true? If so, that means on all DaVinci tandems, if the stoker has a slower cadence, it makes no difference whatsoever whether the stoker is pedaling or coasting since there is no power gain from the stoker pedaling.
Sad, but true. It's no different from when you switch to a lower gear that you need to spin faster to 'catch'. You either spin fast enough to engage the gear or maybe the bike slows to the speed at which your cadence is contributing power, or you just flail away. The tandem with IPS and a strong Captain never slows to the speed that the Stoker can 'catch'. However, some IPS systems allow the Stoker to change gears independently and a committed Stoker could select a gear that allows them to feel pedal resistance at any reasonable cadence.
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