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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
the forum has a search feature top right corner. If you wish to see/read/hear what
people use to quantify their "weight doesn't matter arguments"
I really don't care what the opinions are.

I side with Physics on the matter. It takes more energy to move more weight, all else being equal.
Glad you posted on an open forum, and do not wish to hear other opinions, which generally aren;t opinions, but rather fact.

You are correct of course that it takes more energy to move more weight, or more specifically, as Kontact pointed out, to accelerate that weight to speed, but what you are missing is that what is significant it the percentage of total weight difference, and that in most cases on a bicycle the difference is negligible, since the rider generally is the bulk of the mass on the bike. The major exception would be a person touring, or commuting with a lot of weight in their bags. A two pound difference on the weight of the bike won't be felt much by the rider, unless perhaps it is a two pound difference on the wheels.
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