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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
with the frontal area of a van the air resistance increases the faster you drive.. and gas mpg gets worse.
work thru your analogy to bikes with that.
I'll throw a spanner in to that, since it seems to be a spanner flinging kind of thread.
My SAG-mobile is a Honda Element, which is boxy and low-powered. 75 mph is it's max comfortable speed on the highway. It'll go faster, but fuel economy and handling go down sharply above 80mph. Drove to South Carolina for vacation one year. 2 pax + luggage, averaged 23 mpg. Did the same trip 2 summers later, with 3 pax, and the 20 cu.ft. cargo pod on the roof. Got better than 25 mpg.
Steady state cruising on I-95; Big increase in frontal area, but significant change in airflow, probably reduced drag at the rear edge of the roof.

That's why TT / Tri bikes are heavy and chunky looking compared to road racers, particularly the climbing specialists. You only accelerate once, then it's all about how smoothly you move through the air.
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