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I ran this by da Vinci and received the following response:
"On our tandem, the person pedaling at a slower cadence is not contributing, nor are they robbing power from the other rider. On a traditional tandem, if one person does not keep up, the other rider is pulling there(sic) legs around and being robbed of power. Todd Shusterman"

Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
I think you have misread the other poster. Of course you can have IPS or ICS on 'traditional geometry' tandems. No foot bumping of any kind. IPS is exactly what all DaVinci tandems have, and when the IPS is offered as an option on other tandems. But there is no free lunch. On an IPS tandem the 'slower' cadence will not provide a proportionately reduced level of power to the drivetrain. The slower cadence will provide ZERO power to the drivetrain. But IPS sure is popular.
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