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Originally Posted by Trakhak View Post
Folding tires work only on hook bead rims. That bike should have enough clearance to take 32-mm-wide (nonfolding) tires, which would work well for the maximum of 75 psi that you could safely get away with using those rims.
Wow, somehow I have never heard that bit of info before. Thanks!

Not sure if I could fit 32mm tires though. There is plenty of clearance width wise, but I assume there would be a slight increase in height, and I only have a few MM of clearance underneath the rear brake caliper pivot.

Originally Posted by zacster
if this rim is over 30 years old none of what just happened would surprise me. Accumulated damage from 30 years could easily have caused this.
It's certainly old, but I'm not sure how much use it has seen. I get the impression that, like many bikes, it was ridden a little bit at the start of its life and then spent 25+ years sitting stationary somewhere (unfortunately, in my bike's case, that somewhere was outdoors for a while, because the paint is pretty badly faded).

Originally Posted by ramzilla
This is exactly why I started using wire bead tires & thorn proof tubes on my older rims.
Seems like I might have to go in this direction, but it would be a shame to burden this bike. The frame is pretty light for steel (Tange 1), and the bike is lovely to ride. This past week at 75psi has been totally fine, and I think I could live with that if it doesn't present any issues.

Which Lotus model do you have, BTW?

Originally Posted by Kovkov
4. Try another rim brand/type
5. Try another GF
I do have a newer pair of Mavic wheels going unused at the moment, but I'd have to swap hubs to keep my current groupset (Shimano 600 SIS), which is working quite well despite all those years of neglect.

As for the GF, if only they were like bikes: you can have more than one at a time, and just pick which one you want to ride on a particular day...
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