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Bikes: too many of all kinds

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Originally Posted by Abe_Froman View Post
I've sort of decided I just don't want to think about geometry anymore lol. I've been looking at every cross bike under the sun for the last couple weeks, and can't decide what I want, or even really like in a bike. Decided I'm just going to sit down with a pro fitter that runs a bike shop and custom orders/builds bikes. Full fitting included with any bike purchase.

Have an appointment for a fitting/consultation on next Tuesday. Going to make this guy make the decision for me lol.

That original post was intended to be more about handling differences more than geometry. How important to you is: agility vs stability, fast downhills vs tight cornering, wide turns vs sharp turns, enduro vs aero positioning, weight vs everything, cushion vs feedback, pedal strike, toe overlap, turn in, tire width, acceleration, etc?

long/low/slack bikes take a little more intention to turn, and are going to cut a wider arc. I find myself missing the apex or turn out and going off trail, as the bike won't always turn hard enough - eather that or I just slow down more.
For some, pedal strike can be an issue.

Cross type geometry can turn in a lot harder and carry momentum through a hard turn with enough traction, but may also require steering corrections (scaloping) if not piloted smoothly. This is what people sometimes refer to squirrelly. Sometimes I find myself turning in too sharply, backing off, and then correcting again.

These are some of the things that we should be asking ourselves when purchasing a new ride. I'm sure your frame dude will talk you through these things. :-)

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