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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
If you are correct then millions ... no, billions of cyclists are using a crank length that is completely wrong for them and might in fact be injurious. Hmmm.
Could you even try to be more dismissive? Give it a rest. In fact, why even comment on this thread if bicycle fit is a myth? The millions, no billions, of cyclists to which you refer are not riding $5k-$15k or more tandems for recreation or competition. Pretty big difference in requirement between the cyclist on a cruiser in flip-flops riding 2 miles to the beach, and the daily commuter in casual clothes getting to work and back at a leisurely pace, versus the couple on a very expensive tandem using power meters, and performance software. And as I said in my post, if you can enjoy a hundred mile hilly tandem ride riding 20 RPM lower than you prefer on cranks 10mm shorter than ideal for you, then great. Enjoy yourself!

But just because YOU feel that way doesn't mean you should impose your preferences on someone else. And I'm not even the person in question with the issue. Barking up the wrong tree. Plus, your reply does absolutely nothing to address my analogy. I'm sure my friend would love to receive a lecture from you about how crank length is irrelevant and his injury must have been imagined.
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