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Originally Posted by 124Spider View Post
Simple question: My wife is 5'4" tall, with proportional legs. She has a 175 crank on her single bike, and a 170 crank on the tandem.

Would replacing the 170 on the tandem, with something shorter, perhaps help her spin faster (and perhaps help with limiting body movement when pedaling fast)?
Based on my experience both with varying crank lengths on my singles and with various crank combinations on our tandem my answer is definitely Yes to both questions. It's inherently easier to spin high RPMs when the pedals are going around in a smaller circle and therefore slower than in a larger circle (i.e. longer cranks). And if your wife is struggling to keep up a cadence that is unnaturally high for her it could certainly be resulting in extra side-to-side body movement. Switching to a 150mm crank should make your higher cadence feel more natural to her and allow her to contribute more power instead of struggling just to keep up with the current fast pedal motion.
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