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Originally Posted by Onyxaxe View Post
That's pretty high if you're not a collector. Expect it to be heavy with a one piece crank that takes 1/2 pedals. As far as cruiser bikes go Made In USA isn't necessarily better than Made in China, especially if it's over 20 years old. Even if it looks mint it'll probably need to be worked on. Nice bike though. My opinions on from a commuters point of view. Beach Cruisers can weigh around 40 pounds. My heaviest road bike is 31 lbs and I'm sick of it lol. It only has one gear and I live around a s(*& of hills though.
Murrays were the go-to after Schwinn closed up production in Chicago and they are worth the $100 in good shape. Note that even Murray isn't there anymore (except for their LAWN MOWER line, there are no bikes).

You are paying for provenance as much as performance, and you'll have to deal with people who heard it's the new 'gold' and have to pay bills. The funny thing about our economic system is that the market charges what the consumer is willing to pay and tapers off as demand at that price falls off. Not everyone can get by trying to be as cheap as ME ...on the other hand, I've spent an average of $300 on my vintage bikes before adding tanks etc. Parts are where the $$$ come from...have you noticed that when a piece of vintage STEREO gear doesn't sell they will part it out for more than the original price of the complete unit?

Here is your advice. Get a bike in as good shape and complete as you can, a rider if you can. What you do to if after that is not important. You are going to shovel the sheckels into a tidy hole for it anyway. Don't get a beater, you will be beaten if you don't know what to do. My assumption it that you don't want a hassle, you want a bike. If you want it to restore or customize make sure that you do have n+1, just like that guy with a classic 50s car or truck project has another car for getting to work and getting parts.

So again I say the Murray is worth it, in good running condition. The '80s one were well built and they also built store bikes here and there (my old Western Flyer had M.O.M on the headbadge, Murray Ohio Manufacturing) and they managed to resist the AMF Borg long after Roadmaster, H.P. Snyder/D.P. Harris (Hiawatha/Hawthorne/Rollfast etc) were assimilated...and AMF fell apart from it's own size (look it up, they became part of the 'military-industrial complex' Eisenhower spoke of and then had to sell everything off because of the hemorrhaging, maybe Brunswick bowling is sort of left).

If that's worth $100 to you, spend it. Do your homework, kick the tires, and do what you like. I was given my current 1995 Schwinn Cruiser SS as a gift by a nice guy years ago but that was compassion and the 25 cent Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer I got at a thrift store to save from the dumpster may never get fixed because the parts aren't available...but I can smile and say I have a broken thing worth $4,000 on eBay and will still fix it.

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