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Originally Posted by vja4Him View Post
When I calculated the costs to purchase a used minivan with low mileage, and total costs for maintenance and repairs for 10 years ... I figure that I would spend around $80,000.00+ US.

Costs for my eBike (including the initial cost to custom build my eBike ... around $10,000.00 US), total cost for the first 10 years might be around $15,000-18,000.00. Quite a big difference !!!
If you can accomplish all your transportation tasks with a vehicle as limited in cargo and passenger hauling as an e-bike, why would you compare its costs with the costs of a motor vehicle as a large and relatively expensive as a minivan, rather than the smallest available subcompact car or a motorcycle which would be much less expensive to purchase and operate? Unless you wish to convince yourself of your wisdom in vehicle choice?
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