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Originally Posted by FromBeyond View Post
It's a walmart bike
Sort of. It's low-end, but on the boundary of being an actual bike rather than a bike-shaped object. Kind of like a Trek 820 today.

Massively better build quality than the things that go for $100 nowadays.

Not sure what to do for brake levers, I have these BRS 300s but one of the springs is missing
Lack of return spring can be a problem if the cable routing has tight bends that introduce a lot of cable friction. Back in the days of non-aero brake levers, when the housing wasn't routed along the handlebar, brake levers generally didn't have return springs, and it worked fine.

You could maybe just try it. If it doesn't work nicely, then... well, you won't have wrapped your handlebar tape yet.

and I don't know if they'd work with modern bars.
They should. The outer diameter of road handlebars hasn't changed over the years; the new bars only look thicker because modern bar tape is thicker.

There are some fixie drop handlebars out there that use the same outer diameter as MTB handlebars, instead of that of normal road handlebars, but it's hard to end up with one of those on accident.

but I'm still trying to figure out the difference between long pull and short pull and how they can or can't work together. The bike has cantilever brakes which I'll be keeping.
Long-pull is used for full-size v-brakes and MTB mechanical discs. Short-pull is used for pretty much everything else.

If you're running cantis, you want short-pull.
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