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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
... You can't force a high leg speed on someone with limited aerobic ability and expect a lot of power in the pedals. That's a scientific fact.
Forget the mechanical fix.
I agree with your first line above. Since you can't expect a high leg speed from the OPs stoker you should give her shorter cranks to reduce her leg speed when the OP is wanting to pedal at a higher cadence. That is a 'mechanical fix' that works for many people to adapt when they have a different preferred cadence. I don't notice much difference either when switching between 170mm and 175mm cranks, but when I ride with 165mm or shorter cranks I definitely prefer a higher cadence and correspondingly lower gears for a given riding speed. Given the large difference the OP reports between him and his stoker there should be a very substantial reduction in her crank length to get her leg speed down to an acceptable rate so she can contribute her share of the power.
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