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Originally Posted by berner View Post
As a boy in high school, I worked on a dairy farm during summer. When I arrived at work in the morning, the owner of the farm had already done the morning milking and was in the house having breakfast. My first job of the day was to clean the barn and milking machines. The first year, milk was kept in milk cans of about 20 gallons each. The second year a bulk tank with built in cooler was installed. This tank held about 250 gallons of very cold milk. Before cleaning the milking machines, I would scoop up a tin cup full of fresh milk, that was pure butterfat as that fat always rose to the top of the tank. I still remember how rich and delicious that milk/fat tasted.
Kids I grew up with who lived on dairies, would swear by raw un-pasteurized milk. They would refuse to drink the pasteurized stuff sold at the supermarket.

Doesn't seem as though you were harmed by it too much. As someone who eats steamed veggies with a ton of butter on them, that butterfat sounds damned good.
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