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Thursday was a rest day. Friday, I got on the Trucker DeLuxe and rode East.

Saturday afternoon, I took the Nordavinden out the Minuteman, grinning at all the happy people at the Aeronaut Beer Garden as I passed, and grinning at the happy people on the Minuteman as I (mostly) passed them, too.

Say, just for the sake of argument, you had a bike shop on the Minuteman; you repaired people's bikes, sometimes you sold them bikes for them to ride and you to repair later, and sometimes you rented bikes to (mostly) visitors. Now, purely for the sake of argument, say somebody left a dockless bikeshare object in front of your business premises, disrepectful and disruptive. Might your Allen key be tempted to have a harmless, fully-reversable little practical joke?

Just sayin'.


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