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Thanks for all the replies, everyone.

Try not to take anything too personally. I think there is some of that going on.


I have done some further testing. I have security skewers, so I am able to more easily adjust the clamping force by simply wrenching it down harder. What I did was loosen the cones out to make them sloppy. I then cranked the skewers down hard, and I did notice a difference in the play (amount of wiggle). So there is some merit to the conventional advice. However, since I am working with cheap steel cones, steel bearings, and steel axles, I don't think the difference is too important. I think that if you have lighter more expensive components, it would probably be more important because they might be more delicate/sensitive.

On a personal note, the 5 post per day restriction for new accounts is very frustrating.

Once again, thanks for all the replies.
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