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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Strava's free version has plenty of features so I haven't felt any need for the premium version. It uses GPS and the data can be uploaded later via wifi.

Wahoo Fitness for iPhone is excellent but the Android version was lacking at least one crucial feature last time I tried it -- auto pause/resume. And it seemed a bit buggy compared with the iOS version. I use Wahoo Fitness on my iPhone 4s, including for indoor trainer sessions. Then I'll upload to Strava later. It records workouts to your device or cloud if you prefer, or don't use Strava.

Ditto for basic navigation. It lacks some features of Google maps, but seems to be one of the better implementations of OsmAnd maps.

Google map is also available for offline use, but lacks some features that are available only with a data connection or wifi. An advantage to Google maps is our activities can be recorded and stored to our private timeline (synced later via wifi). No user intervention needed to start/pause/stop the recording. Turn it on by default and it runs. Some folks don't like this. I do because it can help provide a neutral, mute witness in the event of a collision or accident -- motor vehicle, animal collision, rider mistake, etc. It helped confirm my version of events when I was struck by a car a couple of months ago. It also records my many medical appointments related to the injury. And it's private unless I choose to share it. Google activities data *can* be transferred to Strava, but it's necessary to convert to a data format Strava can use. Takes a few steps. More trouble than it's worth if the ultimate goal is to upload to Strava. Easier to just use Strava, or another compatible app. Google activities timeline is more of a personal "Where was I on such and such day?" journal.

Cyclemeter is very good in both iOS and Android for only $10/year. It can record all kinds of data and is user customizable to suit preferred workouts. I had a subscription until this year when I let it lapse. I do miss the voice aids while riding, and the customizable timers and prompts for interval workouts. Cyclemeter can store data only on the device, if the user prefers, or upload to the cloud for reasonable privacy with backup, or to Strava. The only hitch is that you must maintain a subscription to access your old data, unless you transferred the data to your computer, cloud storage, etc.

I've tried a dozen other apps but none of them really clicked with me. Some folks swear by 'em. I mostly swore at 'em.

Got question on Google Maps ... I'll often download the area I'll be riding to an off-line Google Map. I mostly use it to find my current location in case I think I'm lost (I'm typically using a cue sheet for navigation or just exploring new roads without any cue or navigation aids). The one or two times I've tried to use the navigation/gps to take me back to a specific location, I found that it only gave 'driving' instructions (for a car), that is, I was told the cycling directions feature wasn't available for off-line maps. The problem is, driving directions could take you on a highway. Do you know if the cycling directions feature is available when using off-line Google Maps ... did I miss something? Thanks in advance.
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