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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
I recall having that problem too, at least on my old iPhone which didn't have a data plan. Offline Google maps defaulted to driving and there didn't appear to be any way to set it to cycling. That's one reason I switched to OsmAnd and for offline navigation.

I'll need to check Google maps on my Android phone set to offline mode only next time I ride to see whether it's possible, or easy, to switch to cycling mode.

Keep in mind that Google maps cannot be trusted to choose the safest cycling routes, online or offline. In some areas Google will choose the hardest possible route or even a dangerous route that involves heavy traffic, no shoulder or second lane to avoid traffic backing up behind you and attempting unsafe passes. Even with Google navigation it's essential to keep your eyes on stalks and head on a swivel.

The only reason I use Google maps (with my data enabled for near-realtime updates) is for exploring a new-to-me route. If I don't like the looks of a road when I reach that waypoint, I'll find another route. Google is good about updating quickly to suggest navigation to accommodate the new improvised route. and OsmAnd do not work nearly as well -- they'll repeatedly suggest a U-turn and backtracking, rather than adapting and suggesting new routes.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I've got an Android phone and I wasn't seeing a cycling option. Only used it to navigate once, when I bailed out of a ride and get back to the start. Fortunately, I knew roughly where to go so I could ignore instructions to get on the highway and just let it re-calculate. Thanks again.
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