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Originally Posted by colotandem View Post
Such a well thought out build! You guys have outdone yourself Andy!

I just realized that you had to use a Eagle shifter on the top of your handlebars. Did you encounter many times when you were in the drops or on the hoods (braking) when you needed to shift? Hopefully not many.

It certainly gives me some ideas for future builds. But I am not sure that we would use a bike like this the way that you two do!!

Either way - you and Kami are inspiring! You need to share with the group your route, miles & vertical that you recently rode to break in El Burro.
I played with the shifter location for a month before settling (and before finishing the leather wraps that essentially lock in the set up). I could not find a good location that could be controlled from the hoods. But I can actually reach the shifter from the drops with my thumb. That's nice because after long mulit-days sometimes my hamstrings do better stretched riding in the drops. We had a beater gravel bike for many years with the shifter on the tops like this so I got pretty used to a quick reach for them. I could see if we did more technical riding where that 1 second shift with one hand off the bar might be hard to control, but it would be climbing not braking that I'd imagine the most urgent need for a shift. Our riding while lengthy, it's generally pretty tame with maybe 15% of our miles on something really rough and narrow.

A short summary of El Burro's first big trip, which was a good proof of concept. We'd ridden her for a month before the trip including some really rough stuff in sante fe area. The main trip we just finished was 13 days of riding from Moab to Boulder 85% off-pavement, 715 miles, 54,100 feet of climbing, 80 hours in motion and some 96.5 hours on the road including lunch breaks. Two broken spokes, both in the front, both right at the end spoke end of the nipple: I think the spokes weren't threaded/cut well. One de-laminated tire. One crash on a back-country plank bridge with the planks running parallel to the direction of travel with gaps and uneven placement between them. Below is a map of the ride and profile and one picture. I don't know how long our spotwalla track will persist, but this link is shows our route and re-route to Boulder and you can zoom it to see more detail (this one does not show our track just the route):

our route this year in pink

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