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Originally Posted by Flatballer View Post
I feel like even if that was his first time and he somehow had just stumbled upon the ride and didn't know the level it was going to be (we're really stretching here), unless the crash happened in the first mile he had plenty of time to realize the level of risk and drop off the back.
You'd think, but one of the articles I read about this (maybe the one posted above) said something about accepting assumed risk (don't know enough legalese), so I was thinking that at some point he should be aware of what he was getting into.

There was a segment on NPR on my way into work this morning that talked about how LeBron James rode his bike to a game when he played for the Heat and so they had a reporter (who sounded like maybe not a regular cyclist or at least not a commuter) ride their bike from near James's house to the Staples Center to determine the amount of risk involved. I don't know the route, and wasn't pleased at what seemed to come off as scaremongering away from cycling on city streets, but them thinking about the risk involved seems to tie into this. You have to calculate some of the risks and do a cost/benefit analysis before you choose to do something. Sure, if someone is negligent or openly attempts to hurt you, that's one thing, but accidents do happen and you kind of have to gauge your risk before doing any activity.
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