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Crank arms.. crank arms... Headache.

Having a difficult time browsing the web to find the right set of crank arms. I decided to get a new bracket, because the one I got is a tad too long. I currently have a 117mm, but dropping down to a 113mm. Now, after checking out tons of cranksets.. it seems that many of the websites don't specify the manufacturers specs on what bracket size/type it belongs to. My cheap fixie style crankset is meant to be on a 122mm but works fine on a 117. Since I couldn't easily remove it, I mangled it with a hammer because it was stuck on (and I had it greased prior). Finally it came off. So I decided to gravitate towards a crank arm that has bolts for the chain ring, so I don't damage it. Plus it'll be easy to swap chainrings for gear ratio change if anything. So I'm wondering what the average mount size is for most of the arms made. I'm not on a big budget for my bike. So I'm limited to a handful. Any feedback is appreciated. I don't want to have issues with clearance. My new bracket will be a Shimano UN-26 113 JIS.
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