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Originally Posted by 1000Calories View Post
So I'm wondering what the average mount size is for most of the arms made. I'm not on a big budget for my bike. So I'm limited to a handful. Any feedback is appreciated. I don't want to have issues with clearance. My new bracket will be a Shimano UN-26 113 JIS.
It's not quite clear what you're asking, possibly because I don't think you're using some terms correctly. That's not an insult, it just takes time to learn some of this stuff.

I *think* what you are asking is whether your crankset (crank arms refer to the arm parts of the overall crankset) will work with the shorter 113mm bottom bracket spindle.

The reason that spec is not listed is because that depends on your frame, not the crankset. Since it sounds like you have a fixed gear I'm going to assume that any single chainring crankset is probably going to work your frame even with the 113mm spindle.

If not, that's quite possibly the most inexpensive bottom bracket that exists, so if you need to get one with a longer spindle you're not losing much.
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