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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
Our team has two insurance policies, a general liability and one for the officers and directors, specifically in case we got sued.

It's happened before too. There was a guy on here a couple years ago discussing how another rider crashed into him at a cookie ride then sued him. IIRC, his insurance settled for $75k cause it was cheaper to just pay her than to fight it in court.
I hate insurance companies and lawsuits. I teach goofy stuff scuba diving and need to carry professional liability insurance for it. There have bee a few lawsuits within the industry that were probably frivolous but were filed because all scuba instructors carry a $1m insurance policy, which paints an attractive target on our backs. Almost every lawsuit I am aware of was settled out of court, only 3 that I know have gone to trial and the plaintiff's in two of them lost (1 one).

One of the lawsuits was extremely crazy -- it was filed by the spouse of a deceased photographer against a dive gear manufacturer. During testimony it came to light the photographer was not trained in the equipment he died using, the equipment was not properly maintained (it had several consumable parts that were well past their expiration date), and he was on narcotics while diving. It cost the defense close to $700k to defend the case. They'll never recover that.

For sure there were some legitimate lawsuits, but there were also some egregious ones that should have never been filed or been thrown out of court.

My insurance renewal this year was a nightmare because two underwriters quit covering some of the stuff I teach, mostly because of lawsuits like the one above.
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