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Is this so that you can do your classroom training while still in school? It seems like that should be something your university would cover. I can sort of understand the school system wanting you to have liability insurance since you aren't their employee (although it still seems very strange), I can't really understand your university not covering it under their blanket policy.

In other news, I think I'm going to quit my job and open a small engine repair business. I've been without my mower for 4 weeks now. First three at one place that lied, tried to take my money, and in the end wasn't even qualified to work on it, and now one week with a second place. Both places said they'd get to it in a week, first place took three and never did fix it. Second place is going to be 2 weeks now (supposedly) before they look at it.

Clearly there is demand. Meanwhile, I'm out $50 so far for a pro to cut my lawn, on a 6 month old mower that's under warranty.
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