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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
People pay to ride docked bicycles.

People don't pay anything to ride dockless bicycles.

And you can be charged large amounts of money if you keep a docked bike too long or do damage to it.

The Melbourne Bike Share site says this:
If you fail to return your bike to a dock within 24 hours of hiring you are liable for a $500 charge.

Whereas you can hurl a dockless bike into the nearest swamp if you want and no one will find you or charge you or anything.
Yes the free dockless bikes have a high attrition rate.

I think the idea with commercial dockless bikes is they would have some kind of automatic wheel lock you could unlock with an app, and your use would be logged and billed. Hopefully if you parked it and someone else then threw it in the river you wouldn't be blamed.

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