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Favorite bike slang

I’ve seen a few requests for explanations of the slang tossed around here. I got on the search engine and noted that it has been years since BF has had a thread on it. So if I might:

​​​​​41 an archaic but occasionally used term referring to a forum in which arguments about chain lube, bike saddles and whether to wave at cyclists who wave at you can rage for hundreds of posts.

shelled/fired out the back/dropped running out of steam in a group ride and watching the other riders vanish over the horizon.

droped the hamer, busted guads, dailed up to 400W, giving the look a millenial with poor English skills (might have been his second language) bragged about his street racing prowess. It is likely that his victim had no idea he was supposed to be in a race.

​​​​​​​Tombay an honorary title given to Over 50 cyclists when they forget to unclip at a stop, at which time they go into a horizontal track stand. Almost always happens in front of beautiful women 20-30 years younger. Derived from tomber, French for to fall.

​​​​​​​Cat 6 racing informal street racing, usually between Freds and Poseurs. It is not necessary for both participants to even know they are supposed to be racing as long as they look like they need to be taught a lesson.

​​​​​​​death cookies smallish rocks on a trail that divert a mountain bike wheel away from the course intended by the rider.

​​​​​​​HTFU originated in Australia by Chopper Jones, it is a friendly exhortation to toughen up a bit and stop complaining.

​​​​​​bonk a moment in the life of a cyclist when every bit of glycogen and readily accessible fatty acids have been expended. All nonvital systems such as gut and legs shut down, and vital functions such as brain and lungs go into minimal activity. This almost always happens at least 20 miles away from home or car. Road kill begins to appear edible. It is rumored that other cyclists have been cannabalized on very long rides when bonks occur.

​​​​​​​bent legs converting one’s legs to better ride recumbents, which require less core strength but more gluteal recruitment. Usually takes a few hundred miles to acquire.

​​​​​​​This is for starters. I’ll add to it from time to time. Please feel free to contribute.
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