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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
Repair the Schwinn if you luv'ed it so much!

Trailway appears to have entry level components. Those parts are cheap online. I bet you can have a like-new bike for less than $200.

Wheelset- $100
Bottom bracket- $10
Brake pads-$10

Yeah that is looking like it might be my only route, but It will need everything but the frame. Wheels, tires, tubes, gear changers, seat, derailleur, chain. Plus I will have to buy the special tools needed to do it. I upgraded the bike a lot. It had Kevlar tires, tube protectors, shimano bottom bracket, derailleur and gear changers. My son road the tires off it before he bought his Giant and then just left out in the dust and the rain for the last year. It was a very smooth bike when I had it. I used to do a 13 mile circuit on it several times a week and a 30 mile circuit once a month, before I gave it to him. I hope to build back up to that once I get a good bike. My job has had me on the road all the time for the last three years and I have really gone down hill and gained about 25 pounds. I need to start riding again soon.
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