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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
that stinks & you deserve not to have to do that. do you even have time to fix it up, or for that matter time to ride a bike?
Honestly, I probably don't. But if I have a bike, there is a better chance I will get at least some riding in, which is better then nothing. I would love to get on schedule, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. Life is crazy at the moment, holding down several jobs and taking care of my elderly mother who lives 150 miles away that I have to go check on once a week or more. But I feel I really need to make a sincere effort to keep myself in shape. I have always had goof fitness and was built like an Olympic athlete in my younger days. After being crushed by a 2000lb metal beam trying to save my co-workers lives in 1990, I spent 4 year in aback brace, but after doing a lot of targeted muscle building and physical therapy, I was able to free myself from that brace. The in 1996 I got a super infection in my leg and was given a 5% chance of survival or have my leg amputated. I had a long talk with God and decided that if He wanted to take me, I was willing to go, so I kept my leg. It was rough, but evidently, God was not done with me. I spent 6 months with tubes to implanted into my heart keeping me alive, but I made it. I fought back to regain some healthy, and after a year of walking therapy, I could walk again, even though I did lose part of my foot.

I don't have much of my former health left, so I have to preserve what I have. I will buy a walmart special if I have to, but I have to get back in shape.
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