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Originally Posted by Sir Lunch-a-lot View Post
I would have to agree with this. Plus, with power assist e-bikes, a person can still opt to put in effort and work up a sweat just like with a "normal" bike.
I had no choice but to go with an eBike due to serious health problems. I can use pedal assist, but I'm not sure how much . Still waiting for my custom eBike . Took longer than expected for the 12g spokes to arrive. Now, waiting for the shop to rebuild the wheel for extra strength. I hope that I can pedal at least some. I really need the exercise, but cannot do strenuous exercise anymore.

The eBike will be great transportation for me to get to work, shopping, and also enjoy cycling tours several times a year. I've been riding Uber and Lyft too long, costing me around $300-400 month, and that is usually only one way, taking the city bus home.
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