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Originally Posted by Son_Rising View Post
How do you keep your bike from being stolen, stripped or vandalized? I was car free for a few years in the late 80s to early 90s, but could bring my bike inside at work and walk to stores. How are you able to keep a decent bike rolling reliably thru hostile times and environments?
Excellent question … I have been using the massive and heavy New York Kryptonite Chain Lock, weight around 9+ pounds. I also have two heavy-duty cables with big padlocks. Also, my panniers are locked with cables and more padlocks. My handlebar bag also locked to the frame. My front and rear racks also locked to the frame. Seat also locked. Everything locked.

My new eBike has a motorcycle alarm system, which will sound a loud, ear-piercing alarm, and also notify me on my phone. I can enter a pin, which will alert the police, and using the GPS on the bike, allow the police to find my eBike, and hopefully get it back. Hopefully, that won't happen.

When I cycle to work, I put my bicycle either in the staff room, or the classroom, depending on which school I work at (I have a different job assignment each day). When I lock up at a store, I try to find the most open spot. At Cost Less, my bicycle is always locked up right next to the front door. Wal-Mart is a problem, because their bicycle rack (the only place I can lock up) is around the corner, not visible to anyone in the store. So, I try to make my bicycle shopping at Wal-Mart very quick.

At Starbucks, I can lock up close, and visible through the window where I sit. Same at McDonald's. Library is a serious problem …. So, I will make sure to have the Alarm app always open, and also get up often to check on my eBike, and I will tell all of the three security guards at the Library to keep an eye on my eBike, when they are outside walking around.

At church, another problem ….. So, I will have to sit in the lobby usually (they have big screens to watch and listen to the service, and I can also watch the full service on my phone).

I'm really concerned about bicycle camping/touring …. because I would really like to do some hiking, but I'm too paranoid to hike very far, so probably will not do much hiking. I will most likely pack everything up when I leave the campsite to go exploring, even if I'm coming back to the same campsite that day, just to be safe. There are serious problems with homeless all over the California campsites, which has caused some campsites to actually close down.

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