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Aside from the facts that the high level of QC/QA, design, ride, handling, weight, component functionality and cheerful stylish/durable finish of the Centurion Ironman models made them, as @T-Mar notes, a superior performance/value proposition it was the emergence of the Tri-boom, Dave Scott as a personality and the Ironman customer that "saved" the high performance road bike from being a niche/footnote in the industry.

MTB's, quite rightly, had made the Boom-era "lightweights" obsolete for the vast majority of the bike buying public, NORBA racing had siphoned off a great many of us roadie & 'cross racers tired of the stultified USCF endless diet of Crit races and UCI/Eurocentric bureaucracy while the BMX kids grew up to race MTB w/o a thought of road racing. Enter the well educated and affluent much maligned Yuppie-couple attracted to the new Triathlon sport sans the dreary baggage of the hidebound USCF and the obvious perils of MTB racing to participate in a varied, challenging and American flavored sport. The bike of choice for that leg of a Tri was a Dave Scott Irornman, or one of the clones quick to emerge. Easy to operate SIS de-mystified shifting, handling was lively and predictable, maintenance was low, everything just worked properly and a fast rider could go just as fast as anything else on offer for a reasonable $.

Helmet, Tr-wife beater, Tri-shorts, pump, flats kit, aero clipon bars, bike computer, Look pedals & shoes and: Good to Go. Lots of $ there for the industry and lots of fit, dedicated, happy and fast customers.
The Tri and the Ironman saved the high performance road bike from obscurity in the pre-Lance boom, thanks to both even if not fashionable to say today.

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