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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
Where do you buy used AW hub that is good? I've seen many on Ebay...but the $25 ones look really dirty and grimey. The $50 ones look better.

Did you used garden varity washers for the spoke?
The grime is a good thing.

Sturmey Archer hubs were lubricated by an oil bath that is contained fairly well, but some of the oil leaks past the bearings. First of all, it's your automatic chain oiler. Second, the oil creeps out to the outer surface of the hub, where it attracts dust, and forms a thick black coating. I have wiped this coating off of 50 year old hubs, and uncovered bright shiny chrome with zero rust. I tend to open up old hubs out of habit, to inspect the innards. I once found a broken pawl spring, and another time, the oil cap was missing and the hub had run dry, but the only apparent effect was that the metal parts were covered by an extremely fine layer of reddish brown rust. After lubrication and re-inspection a year later, that hub is in perfect operating condition.

I use regular washers. The problem is that the hub flanges are narrower than flanges on typical modern aluminum hubs, so the garden variety spokes have too long of a bend. I'm sure if you're in the industry, you can order the right spokes, but for the rest of us, a plain 2 mm washer under the spoke head does the trick.

I've seen eBay prices all over the place for old SA hubs, so it might take some time to find one. Prices seem to depend partially on the number of spoke holes. There are a lot of 40-spoke hubs from English bikes. The 36-spoke hubs are likely to come from old Schwinns. In fact I bought a dilapidated old Schwinn for 20 bucks, and harvested its hub. Another issue is axle length. There were two lengths of axle, and the shorter one will require more effort to fit a modern frame.

In the final analysis there may be a variety of reasons to just buy a new hub, namely, it will have a more modern axle length, and will come with all of the goodies that you need to use it on a bike.
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