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I have a great deal of experience with cruisers. Basically depends where you are riding trails, beach, road, gravel, etc. Anything near the beach aluminum is light but corrodes over time and salt air will break it down. Steel frames will rust but are more durable if you are riding on the beach. A little bit of wax on the frames once a week goes a long way. If your going to invest in a cruiser for anything near the ocean stay away from Huffy, Firmstrong, Genesis, Sun and Jamis Taxi. Most are poorly constructed and cannot take the abuse of saltwater. Huffy makes a very uncomfortable bike in general poor frame geometry and your weight is on the wrists, its great if you have kids and they are growing good first learner bike, hard to sell as there are thousands everywhere. Jamis Taxi while being a sturdy bike if the saltwater and air will corrode the chain guard and if it breaks near the bottom bracket you will not be able to fix it unless you know how to weld aluminum. Jamis Earthcruiser 1, 2 , Evo bikes hold up very well against the elements are are easy to repair and maintain. Additionally the Jamis Earthcruiser has forward pedal design and you weight is not on your wrists. All the cruiser bikes above weight specifications are 250lbs max before damage occurs to seat posts, spokes and wheels. The best cruiser is 3G they are pretty much indestructable aside from a tube or chain replacement. 3G's are lightweight wider tires, forward pedal design and on certain models they can hold 350lbs of rider and they were made for the beach.
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