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Curved fork unicrown restricts fender - How to get more clearance?

I'm mounting Planet Bike Hardcore fenders on a 1989 Panasonic mountain bike, to use as a commuter. This is the 26" version of the fenders designed for traditional mountain bike tires. The fender is 58mm wide, and the fork blades are 69mm apart, but the curved unicrown of the fork keep the fender from being as high as it should be. I'm not worried about tire clearance (these fenders are for rain and dust, the bike won't be ridden on gravel) but it would be nice to mount the fender closer to the crown and use the mounting slot correctly.

I think my options are:
a) cut/dremel out the top of the metal mounting slot. fender stays fairly close to the wheel, hanging from a longer, more exposed bit of steel
b) bend the fender in between the fork blades - it's flexible plastic, although I suspect this will introduce stresses that crack the fender
c) file or dremel a divot in the corner of the fender where it contacts the fork blades, so that it can slide further up. this may weaken the fender, but only the unweighted part that sticks ahead of the fork, and there will be plastic above and below the divot.

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