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Food and Beverage Manufactures: Content-reducing Packaging

Now here's the problem, are F&B companies gouging the consumer? I think it began with yogurt? For years the standard pack size was 8oz. Then one day while eating one of my favorite Dannon yogurts I noticed the serving size didn't fit the container. When I turned it over I noticed a huge rise between the bottom of the container and the amount of contents inside.

Next it was cooking oil. Seemed like the brand name (Wesson) was cheaper than the store brand. Since it wasn't on sale, I kept staring at the price wondering how that could be, and figuring a mislabeling. Then I picked it up to add it to my basket I immediately noticed the bottle was the same height I'm used to but a lot thinner. When I checked for the amount of contents sure enough, it was 40oz rather than the traditional 48 oz. Finally, sugar. For year it was sold in bags of 5lb increment. Nowadays, those bags have dropped to 4lb.

Do you consider this a deceptive practice? Is it unscrupulous marketing? Do you feel cheated when manufactures do this? Or do you think its up to the consumer to always verify the labels to be sure of what he's paying for? Well at least we know a dozen eggs will always be 12. Except when its sold as a half dozen.

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