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Originally Posted by GrainBrain View Post
Patrick Stewart is looking really good still, so that's a plus. I wonder if they'll go towards the more hardcore sci-fi or mainstream. Here's hoping for mainstream - Voyager really was hard to swallow because of the constant sudo-tech coming to the rescue. "Oh reverse polarity in the deflector, blah blah blah multiphasic frequency slump, oh good everything's ok now". Or even worse - "Let's all go to the holodeck" - ugh! No more Holodeck episodes please.

I think the biggest turnoff has been the strict adherence to a nasal vessel esque environment. I really enjoyed DS9 because it shed alot of this, there was a lot of good balance between the unknown and the comforting rigidness of the federation.

DS9 also had the best premier as well, with Sisko facing off with Picard. Facing the man who killed your wife.

"We've met before?"
"In battle."
Ex Machina technobabble is the core of Star Trek story telling. Go back and watch TOS or TNG reruns or, basically, any Star Trek. It is almost always technobabble to the rescue at the last second.

DS9 was the odd duckling out on a few levels, granted.
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