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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
It's been proven that pay-to-watch shows result in much higher quality content then free-to-watch (with advertisement) shows.
It's "been proven" exactly how has it been proven? Especially when "higher quality" is HIGHLY subjective. And even if that were true, I'm still not on board. Movies are usually higher budget and/or considered "higher quality" but that doesn't mean I want to forego my free OTA TV and begin paying for everything I watch. I already subscribe to cable in order to get a bundle of non-free non-OTA content. I don't want to have to piecemeal a crap load of shows from various providers in order to see stuff. It's bad enough I already have Amazon, each cable provider, Hulu, Netflix, etc doing this. The number of independent things you have to subscribe to in order to access shows you might want to see is getting out of hand.
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