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Originally Posted by Stormy Archer View Post
Yeah, I think there are situations in which it makes at least more sense. Rush hour on Page street in SF for example, the street is a bikeway (no bike lane but the little white bike painted on the street). The bike traffic seems like a lot of commuters who live nearby, often with kids etc and it always greatly outnumbers the motor traffic at certain times. Compared to Haight a block over, there is a crosswalk in most intersections and pedestrians don't even look before they cross the street a lot of the time. It's simply so much more the pedestrians street, not the cars.

The cars seem to accept their place behind bikes pretty often in many areas in SF. In my opinion, they can just slow down!!! They have airbags and can get on the highway and they're not pedaling, who really cares about how fast they get there.
Since I both ride and drive the streets all around me, I care how fast I get somewhere. Pretty sure the drivers care how fast they get somewhere too.
As mentioned already, there needs to be a cooperation between all forms of transportation on roads. Having one group not care about the rest leads to frustration and that can then lead to anger which isnt good for anyone.

Its completely unreasonable to claim that cars can use the highways so therefore if they use city streets they should expect to creep along and accept it because who cares how fast they get somewhere. The cars should follow the speed limit when appropriate and slow down the rest of the time. With a lot of bicycles, that would be a time to slow down, but the cyclists should be aware and make an effort to reduce how much they negatively impact the rest of those using the same streets.
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