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Morale Story

The majority of us read and post in this part of the forum because we meet the guidelines of a Clyde or Athena, 200 plus pounds. I'm also assuming that most of us have been overweight and completely out of shape at one time or another in our life? Onto my story.

Last night I was out on my ride and approaching my half way point when I met another fella going the opposite way who was definitely struggling. He had just topped a small hill and had that look on his face that I know was on mine on occasion, of suffering and torture... Lol I went on up to my half way point and turned around. Now normally I really turn it on and push my second half, but when I caught up to this guy instead of keeping the motor on hammer down, I slowed and pulled up beside him and started a conversation with him. We talked about the nice evening and how it has been a pretty decent summer, how I am an import to the city and how much I love that the city is really focusing on the cycling community. We talked about his family and my family and such. We made it a few more miles down the road and I offered to buy him a quick beer at one of the local watering holes that caters to cyclists and he accepted.
We went in and bellied up to the bar, drank our beer and I told him It was time for me to head back out. We shook hands. I headed out the door. I was getting my gloves and helmet back on and he walked out to my bike and explained to me that right before I had pulled up beside him, he had all but decided this was his last ride, but after our ride and sharing of stories he is now committed to sticking it out. I told him any time he wants a riding partner to give me a shout and we would figure something out.
The story may be meaningless for some, but i guess what i'm trying to say is this. If while your out on your rides and you come across a guy/gal like this, a simple hello, how ya doing could be all the encouragement they need to keep going.
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