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I don't think you should put so much emphasis on the frame material. There are broad statements you can say about steel vs aluminum vs carbon vs titanium, but they mostly fall apart when you talk about any specific bike because things like geometry, tube thickness/diameter, make a much bigger difference. The only time frame material is really going to matter is if you had two bikes with identical geometry and weight, the only difference being frame material. Since that situation is exceedingly uncommon, it make more sense to evaluate each bike as a whole, with frame material being a relatively minor attribute.

So like others have said, pick the bike that makes you feel happy. Try to ride them, or buy the one that looks cool, or the one that has the components you like. But one steel vs another steel, probably shouldn't be much of a factor in your decision. The bikes you've listed are all solid choices, none are made out of subpar materials.
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