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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post

Something I also don't get. If one waits in line with cars and takes the lane through the intersection (slowly) what happens then? Do the cars behind also not need to pass the cyclist after having to also drive behind them while taking the lane or does the cyclist expect to just take the lane the whole way? How does waiting in the line reduce the need for cars to pass the cyclist down the road? It would appear to me that a cyclist who is used to morphing with the flow would be easier to pass than one who only sees themselves as a pseudo car. When do those cyclists feel it is safe enough for the cars behind to pass?

Any cars behind a cyclist anywhere will always have to navigate a pass, but hopefully only once. This only works if cyclists don't leapfrog to the front of the line at the intersection. Cars will line up behind the cyclist and then navigate the pass when the light changes (they were going to have to do this regardless of whether or not the cyclist goes all the way to the front of the line). Once a driver passes a given cyclist once, that should be the end of it. However, if that cyclist leapfrogs ahead of the diver at a stoplight, that driver, who just passed the cyclist a moment before, will have to pass that same cyclist again when the light changes.

When does a cyclist yield the lane to cars? When the gutter is free of debris, parked cars, and open doors ... and when being there won't cause a problem for right-turners. If going straight at an intersection, I line up behind cars going straight, but usually behind their right wheel. This keeps me out of the way of anyone wanting to turn right on red. Any cars that line up behind me can usually pass before crossing the intersection. If it is really busy, and the line of cars is long, they will pass as soon as they catch up to me. I don't block traffic, I don't impinge on right-turners, and I don't make cars pass me more than once. It is not really complicated at all.
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