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Originally Posted by Rider_88 View Post
Even if they'll cut it, I don't think it would be the old good Star Trek...
You do realize they said the same thing about TNG

Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
Which ones would those be? They all suffered the same failing...lack of long-term story planning/telling.
Its hard enough to gauge audience approval one year into the future, let alone six. Just look at the present series and Enterprise. Both were/are dismal failures out of the gate. Although I guess you could write something down, but good luck with that.

Originally Posted by GrainBrain View Post
Patrick Stewart is looking really good still, so that's a plus. I wonder if they'll go towards the more hardcore sci-fi or mainstream. Here's hoping for mainstream - Voyager really was hard to swallow because of the constant sudo-tech coming to the rescue. "Oh reverse polarity in the deflector, blah blah blah multiphasic frequency slump, oh good everything's ok now". Or even worse - "Let's all go to the holodeck" - ugh! No more Holodeck episodes please.
What, no like Capt. Proton? But you try coming up with new interesting episodes every week.

Seriously, this was yet another example of a lackluster beginning. That show's shot of adrenaline came once Seven of Nine joined the crew.

I think the biggest turnoff has been the strict adherence to a naval vessel esque environment. I really enjoyed DS9 because it shed alot of this, there was a lot of good balance between the unknown and the comforting rigidness of the federation.
And you would think there wouldn't be much adventure from a stationary platform. That show has the most developed and engaging characters by far.

DS9 also had the best premier as well, with Sisko facing off with Picard. Facing the man who killed your wife.

"We've met before?"
"In battle."
That wasn't a very Star Fleet attitude of Sisko.
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