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Being obsessed is the main ingredient of being the best at anything .

Strava is the best base line training tool out hands down . pick a route or make a route , ride it for fun , exploration , get back and review the ride , see the people the times the distance .

Then Attack those segments see if you can keep up , its like a video game in real life for me , xbox and playstation are ok sometimes but this a game you can play in real life .

Learn to enjoy it , if you dont want to use it dont . its a digital time trial , its a fitness tracker , is a social platform , find a positive in it .

When i first started on my cycling thing i had no clue all the annoying things i would be exposed too. Everyone seems to want to scoff at the next person .

If you ride a steel bike you scoff at the carbon bike
if you ride carbon you are an elite
If you try to hard you are bad
If you ride hills you scoff at the flats
If you ride on roads you are in the way of cars and should ride on paths
If you ride on paths you are too fast and are in way of peds
If you dont have a full body helmet and 12 mill lum light in the day you are dangerous
if you use strava you are a wanna be nube that should just stay at home
if you try for koms you are the reincarnation of hitler

name a thing about cycling , there will be a group of people that scoff you up and down for it ..

It goes on and on .

I enjoy strava becuase i see local riders , when i go the events i reconize the names its always funny to stand right next to people and only know them later when you see their ride .

Just enjoy life , dont let life enjoy you nam saying ...
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